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Monday, December 05, 2005

This internet thing- how did we live before there was one?

Steve from The Scooter Scoop left me voice mail the other day, because I mentioned in a comment that I have family that ride Rokon motorcycles. Now said family member lives near Seattle, is an engineer for a large computer oriented company there and I didn't know his phone number. Or any other method of contacting him without going through a third, and possibly a fourth person to find a way to reach him.

Until I tried that internet thing... And not just the internet but Google in particular. I put said family member's name in the search line and in the very first returned link, I not only found his name but his email address at the big computer company!

So I sent him an email. It will be interesting to see how this Rokon interview/story plays out between my family member and The Scooter Scoop.

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